Free your creativity from the restrictions of time signatures and tempo with MIDI Looper Live!


No more setting time signatures and tempo before you start being creative. MIDI Looper Live lets you record a phrase from your midi controller, in real-time, and then play it backed looped. All the fun of an analogue audio looper applied to the world of MIDI!

Use the simple and intuitive on-screen interface to record a master loop track and up to three synchronised drone loop tracks.

For example, lay down a kick and snare master track and then add high hat & toms; or lay down a bassline then add some strings. Drone loop tracks can be independently paused during your performance.

Any MIDI compliant controller (keyboard, drum pad, midi guitar etc) and synth can be used. Apps and physical devices can be used (Camera Connection Kit is required to physically connect MIDI devices to iOS devices with Lightning ports). Each loop track can be assigned to its own controller and synth.

The per-loop-track midi thru function lets you hear what is being played during recording.

All MIDI events are recorded across all midi channels

-Note On/Off
-Pitch Bend
-CC messages
– and many more

If you work in HEX you can view the data playing back per channel.

Loop tracks can be up to 10,000 MIDI events in length, or as short as one event.
Runs on all IOS 13 devices (iPod touch through to iPad Pro).